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When the world knows and admires the exquisite sophistication of Vietnamese cuisine, it is also the time when Vietnamese cuisine is glorified in a different way.

From the refinement of the best of the East and the West cuisine, with the skillful combination of high-class chefs, diners have the opportunity to taste all the different flavors, different structures of cuisine in an overall perfect way. Lý Club is proud to create unique dishes only on our menu.


Inspired by the legacy of this great dynasty, Lý Club invites our esteemed guests to enjoy a sensory feast by indulging in the tastes and textures of our innovative cuisine while opening their hearts and minds to the live music.

Set in a splendid early 20th century French villa in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, the establishment combines Asian sensibility with modern style, providing an elegant oasis from the bustling and chaotic city.

Hanoi Cocktails

This, infact, has added a misty charm to this ancient area, home to preserving and restoring the 36 Streets cultural heritage values of Hanoi until today.

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