Hanoi Cocktail

Named after some historical streets in the area, the cocktail list has a hint of a subtle mix of local in- gredients that represents the characteristics of those that leave footprint in one’s mind for a life time.

Hanoi Cocktail - Bat Dan

Hanoi Cocktail

Bát Đàn

It has been here for a long time that this short small street is famous for selling glazed terracotta ware during the colonial era in the City. Now it’s completely changed and well-known for the daily long queue to get the best Pho in Hanoi – the North’s great renowned food culture. Pho Bat Dan is considered as one of the culinary ambassadors that contributes to honoring Vietnamese culture to international friends.

This cocktail, which features herbs, chili, coriander, the special hot taste of wine and the sourness of lime, will win the hearts of even the pickiest of diners. 

Hanoi Cocktail

Đinh Liệt

A lively street that smells of the countryside right in the center of the Capital city, who can imagine it? Dinh Liet has created an aromatic transformation from the entrance with the smell of hot noodle soups and chives leaves in a broth of shrimp and fish sauce to the smell of boiled snail deep in its mixed sauce in combination with the flavor of pomelo leaves, fresh herbs in a hot steaming pot at the end of the road. That are everything you need for a quick street food tour around this corner.

A hint of spiciness, sourness, the scent of lemongrass and lime leaves balanced with the warm aftertaste of ginger makes this cocktail especially suitable for cool spring days or chilly winter nights. This is definitely an absolute surprise for a diner’s tasting adventure.

Hanoi Cocktail - Dinh Liet
Hanoi Cocktail - Hang Bong

Hanoi Cocktail

Hàng Bông

As one of the small streets in Hanoi Old Quarter since its initial stage, Hang Bong street captivates the nostalgic souls of those have fallen in love with the beauty of its ancient. It has quickly become a distinguished handy craft street with many cotton houses, cotton quilts and blanket stores.

Cotton candy, with a mild sweetness and a glamorous look, when combined with champagne will surprise you with its superb taste. The Pho Hang Bong cocktail is just sweet and strong enough for you to get lost in the special moments of your life. Let this elegant drink be a part of your party.

Hanoi Cocktail

Hàng Buồm

Hanoians and tourists are coming to Hang Buom street today not only to find a memory of an old bustling trade corner that were selling the sails, baskets, and mats, but also to immerse themselves in a street that is full of colorful candy shops.

Talking about Hang Buom is talking about sweetness. This is the best drink from passion fruit and caramel, which gives a light taste, sweetness and a world of fresh feelings. This is a unique gift to any cocktail party.

Hanoi Cocktail - Hang Buom
Hanoi Cocktail - Hang Ga

Hanoi Cocktail

Hàng Gà

After occupying Hanoi, the French named the street “Rue de Tien Tsin” to commemorate the Treaty of Tianjin signed between them and the Qing Dynasty in 1885. However, after the Japanese overthrew the French operations in Indochina, the name of Hang Ga street has officially used since 1945.

This drink not only has a great taste, it is gentle, delicate, but also very powerful and full of passion. The passionate whiskey is soothed by the light lemon flavor and the sweetness of raspberry, shaken with ice will give you a very refreshing feeling. The fatigue of a long day sure will disappear with a sip of this cocktail.

Hanoi Cocktail

Hàng Chuối

People named the street “Hang Chuoi” as it was once a strip of wasteland on the east bank of Huu Vong Lake. There were many banana trees planted surrounding this piece of land to get fruits and trunks to sell to feed the elephants and horses of the King and houses of Lords.

The aroma of Rum, combined with the sweetness of banana and the bitter, sweet flavor of caramel, leaves an indelible impression when you take a sip of Hang Chuoi cocktail.

Hanoi Cocktail - Hang Chuoi
Hanoi Cocktail - Hang Hanh

Hanoi Cocktail

Hàng Hành

Since the end of the 16th century, many people from different provinces have come to work as shoemakers and wood makers on a long side of the street. Today, Hang Hanh is getting busy, thanks to the cafés and travel services. It is now a perfect stop for many Hanoians and also tourists to enjoy great coffee. Old Quarter Coffee in Hang Hanh hides itself like a peaceful corner in the middle of bustling City life. Not so rich in flavor yet taste as emotion, they say.

When coffee is used as an ingredient in cocktail, many people find it odd. Cocktail is for relaxation, and coffee is for mindfulness. But you will be surprised to know that the coffee cocktail has conquered many people, including the most fastidious ones. A bitter touch of vodka and coffee, a bitter hint of chocolate and a slightly sour raspberry flavor, all make for an intoxicating taste.

Hanoi Cocktail

Hàng Muối

Salt is essential for life and is involved in regulating water balance in the body. Salt reminds us of Hang Muoi street named even before the colonial period, in which, there are some families specialize in making salt.

The tartness and aroma of passion fruit, the slight sweetness of oranges, and the hint of wine made from cactus with a mild pungency will bring a burst of energy to your mouth when you enjoy Hang Muoi cocktail.

Hanoi Cocktail - Hang Muoi
Though time has turned street corners into a green mossy colour that contains such old memory nostalgia in the heart of the Capital city, Hanoians consider the Old Quarter a great treasure. This, in fact, has added a misty charm to this ancient area, home to preserving and restoring the 36 Streets cultural heritage values of Hanoi until today.
Hanoi Cocktail - Hang Than

Hanoi Cocktail

Hàng Than

In the old days, it was a place for coal sellers with a lot of ancient temples. Hang Than is now famous all over the country for selling Banh Com, a sweet hand-sized cake made using young rice and mung bean. The taste of it is hard to forget.

With the gentle sweet aftertaste that is unmistakably Banh Com, a glass of this cocktail serves as an alcoholic version of the traditional Vietnamese goody.

Hanoi Cocktail

Hàng Vải

Hang Vai sells all kinds of small-sized cloth sheets woven by a traditional loom from Ke Buoi. It is only 2 hand-spans wide. In the French colonial period, the street once called Rue des Etoffes. Since 1945, it has been merged with Hang Cuoc street and has officially named Hang Vai street from then on.

Few people have thought that coriander, peppercorn combined with lychee fruit bring such incredible taste. The sweetness of lychee, the spicy and fragrant taste of pepper and the aroma of coriander, all explode the taste buds with joy.

Hanoi Cocktail - Hang Vai
Hanoi Cocktail - Lan Ong

Hanoi Cocktail

Lãn Ông

Over hundred years of history with its own features, Lan Ong street has left an unforgettable impression with the gentle and sweet taste of dried herbs and aromas from all over the country.

The exquisite blend of chili and fruits create a hot and cool flavor on the tip of your tongue. Especially, this cocktail also has a bitter taste from a wide variety of herbs made with Ly’s exclusive recipe, which will bring an indescribable yet unforgettable feeling to your sense of taste.

Hanoi Cocktail

Lý Quốc Sư

It has long been a famous place for Hanoi’s delicious street food with a ton of bustling tourist. Young generation today “fall in love” with the famous chili pickled fruit at the corner.

Who can forget the scent and taste of ripe June plums? What can beat the combination of the aroma of Gin, the sweet and sour of June plum and the heat of chili salt in this one-of-a-kind cocktail?

Hanoi Cocktail - Ly Quoc Su
Hanoi Cocktail - Lo Ren

Hanoi Cocktail

Lò Rèn

The vestige of traditional blacksmithing in Lo Ren street is as fragile as the fate of this profession among 36 Streets of Hanoi in the 21st century. When the last fire goes out, the name of Lo Ren will only be a reminder of an old Hanoi we’ve heard about…

Lo Ren cocktail has a spicy taste of the syrup made from red chili, but when you taste it, it will leave a sweet aftertaste and sweet aroma of peaches. This cocktail is cold, refreshing, and accentuates the wonderful combination of fruit and red chili.

Hanoi Cocktail

Tràng Tiền

Used to be the site of the former Mint in the old regime of the North, Vietnam, the street is famous for its unique ice cream, which countless number of Hanoi generations have a passion for. Also, there are so many tourists’ favorite cultural places to visit just a long side of the road.

Cocktail Trang Tien, which is a subtle mix between the richness of ice cream, the bitterness of vodka and the sweetness of mung beans, makes for a perfect drink. A little chocolate syrup topping will add even more fun to the experience.

Hanoi Cocktail - Trang Tien

As time passed and the city grew, the varying hectic communities of artisans and trades squeezed together, forced to operate in thin houses with barely any storefront real estate. However, the tradition, activities and way of life of people settling in the quarter still represent a heritage and history that prevailed from generation to generation for over a thousand years with no sign of change.

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